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Just a quick 20 minute sketch. 
Happy Valentines! 
Black and white WIP version of the last post, before I added colour and shooeesss. 
I love colours, colours are a wonderful thing!

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How’s it going you happenin’ people?! I’ve finally caved and got myself a twitter page, after many years of avoiding it. I’m not going to lie, it seems pretty useful for illustrators or just keeping updated with the world of people, so why not! It’s slightly empty at the moment, but I shall be posting on there soon enough!

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'The kid that was denied desert' 
This is part one of a series I’m working on, called ‘Sinister Kids’
p.s. Blood is surprisingly fun to draw.
It was about time I did fan art for this beautiful film, I’ve been in love with it since a kid.

This is an animation I made during my second year at Cambridge School of Art. It is based on the lyrics of the song ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ By Kris kristofferson.

Animation and Editing done by: Louisa-Rose Hale
Song: Elliott Smith - Between the Bars

'Marriage problems for the Humpty Dumpty's'
Small little comic strip I drew a while back for fun.
Look Behind you!